Monday, September 22, 2008

About this Blogger

Hi... my name is Richard Chew. I didn't really started off gardening because I love gardening nor was I an expert in plant biology. I am just like any ordinary guy.

I guess I started gardening because I really like nature and greens. I begun this garden project when I moved to a townhouse in Kota Kemuning in 2006. Though the townhouse is designed for compact living space, it came with a 200 sqf garden space.

It is not a very big space but adequate to start off small garden project. I decided to make full use of the space by filling it up with greens. I have tried many floral plants, however the best experiences are with roses.

My initial experience wasn't a bed of roses. There were quite a number of failures along the way. Therefore I thought why not start a blog, to keep a journal of ongoings in my project.

I hope as you visit this blog, you will find many good information that is useful at your garden. I put lots of effort in posting good research works from public site on plant psychology. Hope by equiping with a little more science we get to be more appreciative of God's creation.

I will make time to share my experiences and my frustrations in cultivating rose. I will also be delighted to hear your good and bad experiences that you may encountered in starting a garden.

Pls feel free to visit my blog. Post as many comments or questions that you wish. You may also send me some nice pictures of your garden, I would be happy to post it in my blog to share your work with others.

Or you may email me at

Pls visit my first posting, and happy exploring.


  1. Hi I love to grow roses too, but failed many times and still not giving up! I'm fr Singapore, ur success in growing roses is an encouragement to me! One prob i face is the leaves on my roses tend to turn yellow and wither from bottom up. And eventually the stems turn black and died.... what happened?

  2. It is great that we share the same enthusiasm. Don't give up. We all learn by doing and practise.

    Yes it seemed it is common problem for beginners. Yellowing leaves from the bottom.

    It is hard to pin point the root cause, but we can always start with good healthy soil. Try my soil mix suggestion at

    You may want to add perlite material to improve aeration. I include perlite material for all my rose transplanting.

    Also feed your soil with brown organic matter, such as fish meal, bone meal and alfafa meal.

  3. Amazing. Just what I need to clear my doubts about rose planting. I love your blog. Very detailed and helpful. Thank you very much. I wonder if you are a biologist. Are you?

  4. Interesting blog!