Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Growing Rose - First 90 days

by Richard Chew

I believe many would get excited when adding a new rose plant to their garden collection. Whether it is a shrub, miniature or a climbing rose, it is always wonderful to have colorful and striking show piece in our garden.

However how it is being cared for in the first 90 days are important.

I thought it would be a good idea to write a little on this topic, and then gradually add on as I gain more experiences.

To be honest, till now, not all of my new and young rose plants that I purchased survived in the first 90 days. After growing roses for 3 years (started in 2006), I have only a handful that made it through a year. And out of this handful, less than half made it through the 2nd year.

I started this blog in Sept 08, and what I have posted is based on effort, work and research of many trial and error experiments done since 2006. It is only in Sept 2008 that I felt better equipped to share some experiences, it was then that I launched this blog.

Why am I sharing my success rate in this posting? Because this is the very first lesson that I wish to impart before I go on with this topic. The first lesson is ....

Lesson #1 - Keep a positive attitude

Don't give up!! Don't stop!! Keep going!!

It is important to begin a journey with an end in mind. Don't bother to join a race, if you have no intention to finish it. But if you do join in, don't stop. Keep going. Perhaps it may be a longer journey for some. However it is not the distance that matters, it is keeping a positive attitude.

I hope to start this series with a positive note, and get you started with a right frame of mind without putting unrealistic expectations. If you have failed attempts in growing roses and have decided not to try again for some reasons, I wish to encourage you to reconsider your decision.

Give yourself the first 90 days, you may never know what may turn out to be.

Please stay tune for more posting of this series.

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