Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Bloom

By Richard Chew

Below are the rewards in October.

I haven't found the name of the rose, but will try to identify them soon.

I got this rose for almost a month, and I am glad to get about 4 blooms and about 7 buds ready to bloom in the next 2 weeks. The diameter when it is fully opened is about 5cm. Colour is fuchsia.

This shot was taken under strong morning sun.

This was taken under shaded light.

Below is a double delight. Though it was quite in bad condition, managed to recover it and was rewarded with 1 bloom. I am supposed to remove the bud so that more energy is channeled to grow healthier foliage and buds but I thought no need to rush, let nature takes its course.

Below is my new addition to my garden in Oct. I didn't expect it to be so bushy. And new buds keep coming up. Currently there is only 1 strong stem with many small ones from the base.
The next thing to do is to peg down the stronger stems and hope more stronger shoots to form fuller and more balanced bush.
Fully opened diameter is about 3 cm. Its blooms produces a strong dark pink colour, and as it matures it gradually fades to lighter tone.

Come visit again in end November to see my newer additions. Hopefully by then will have more showy flowers.

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