Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Bloom

by Richard Chew

Here it is... the moment we've been waiting for.

Though nice to see some new collections, there were a few set back.

Ok first the good news. I just bought this yellow rose this month. This is new addition to my collection. I don't know the name yet. Will post when I find the origin of this rose.

This was purchased from the same nursery. It is peachy pink. Medium size. The picture below was taken a day before it fully bloomed.

This picture was taken when it was fully opened.

This rose (picture below) has smaller flower size. The flower quality wasn't good, it is largely due to poor soil preparation. The soil was not mixed correctly when the shoot emerged from the bud. That could be the possible cause that affected the flower development. I estimate the next bloom shall be sometime in January, hopefully by then will get better quality flower.

The rose below is one of my favourite. I bought it last month (Oct). It has an unusual gentle jagged edges at all its petals. And it size is about 8 cm in diameter. I am still looking for a name for this rose. Its flower has similar characteristics of French Lace Rose.

The setback was I accidentally damaged the roots when I transplanted into a larger container. Fortunately the nursery that sold me this rose, has another one for sale. I just transplanted it, and it is doing fine. I am anticipating next bloom in Dec.

Below is also another new addition to my collection. It has medium size bloom. And this rose is more of a medium hedge plant. It spreads horizontally and it grows up to 1 meter in height. It is still young. I will take a full picture of this rose when it fully grown. I do not know its origins yet.

I also had another bloom from my purple rose. Unfortunately the flower quality was not good at all. It was mainly due to my poor soil preparation. It didn't take long for the rose to burst out with new shoots. Below picture was taken recently. I believe it will bloom in December. And there are about few more of similar bud stage. Hope to get about 3 or 4 blooms.

I added fish meal into the soil. Fish meal is popularly used as rose fertilizer to get nicer blooms. Hope it works well for this rose.

Please come again in December.


  1. looks like u really know how to breed nice roses. must be lots of efforts there

  2. Glad you like it. Fyi I haven't learn to breed roses yet. So far only grow them.

    Hopefully in near future I get to learn to cross breed roses.