Sunday, June 7, 2009

Growing Rose - First 90 days - Part 6

by Richard Chew

If you can get past 60 days with reblooms and healthy leaves, definitely you are doing the right thing and heading the right direction. Good work!

At this stage I would try to reduce the frequency of fertilizing, and increase the dosage instead. Perhaps 3 to 6 times higher amount at every 2 months (longer intervals). Recently I have included blood meal. It has good source of protein that aids strong growth. But this is optional.

I use organic liquid fertilizer like seaweed, blood meal, bone meal & fish emulsion, almost daily at very diluted concentration. I make sure the concentration is correct otherwise may cause fertlizer burnt.

If growing conditions are right, there is little need to be done other than to enjoy seeing the rose growing rapidly.

If at this stage the rose plant is not doing well, then you may have to move the rose plant to more direct sun or less direct sun and repeat the entire first 90 days tips. Also check the soil drainage.

There may be a need to tweak the fertilizing but I won't mention here in this posting, perhaps in a new series.

I conclude this series here. Please feel free to email your pictures of your new roses. Happy growing!!

Below is the rebloom of my new rose plant.





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