Friday, December 19, 2008

The Portmeiron Rose

by Richard Chew

My Portmeiron Rose is currently the star performer. I am not 100% certain that this rose is exactly true Portmeiron, originating from David Austin. But it certainly looks similar and carry similar characteristics. Its a medium size shrub and has similar medium size full bloom.

It has medium strength fragance. However the fragrance can be amplified by the abundance of bloom. It has a myrh fragrance similar to Constance Spry.

Its flower charasteristics is full bloom. Size 5 cm in diameter and height up to 1 meter. However I did read about David Austin growing it up to 1.5 meter. Hopefully I can grow it above 1 meter to eye level.

This rose fits perfectly well for small garden, and it is easy to maintain compare. Unlike shrub like Constance Spry that grows up to 2.5 meter high and it can be handful to maintain, and its huge thorns can be pricky and painful too.

This Portmeiron is good alternative for small garden if you like the Constance Spry's myrh fragrance but want to have a medium size shrub.

I made a tri-pod of 1.5 meter high to train this rose. Though the tri-pod is in placed, my priority at this moment is to grow stronger stems.

Its stem is longish and quite flexible to train. If it can fill up the tri-pod, it can be a very good center piece.

This Portmeiron rose will fit very well for gardeners who wish to have nice bush with nice fragrance full flower.

I am expecting some good blooms this December. Previous bloom in October, I had 3 buds in same cluster. However for this month's bloom, I noticed the 4th bud coming from the same cluster.

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