Thursday, December 25, 2008

Strange Fungi appeared next to my Roses

by Richard Chew

About 4 days after I treated my roses with AACT (Actively Aerated Compost Tea), I noticed some strange fungii appeared on the mulch.

The following picture was taken on the 4th day, at my Yellow Rose. Some strange looking fungal sprung out from the soil in the morning. The canopy looks transparent and its gills looks like jelly fish in the sea.

On the 5th day (morning), a cluster of the same type of fungi appeared at my French Lace rose.

A closed up shot at the cluster of fungus.

And interestingly, there was another species that sprung up at the same container too.

This is one unique mushroom, I have never seen before.

This is a closed up shot.

Not very far from this fungal, I noticed a cluster of yellow-colour spores on the mulch. Could be originated from the same species.

Then on the same day, late night I noticed another species of fungus appeared at my French Lace rose.

Closed up shot.

Then the following day (6th day; morning), the jelly fish looking fungus sprung up again.

This is very interesting. It seemed it is taking turns to spring up.

The same type of fungus also appeared at my Nozomi rose.

This is good sign, that the fungus are thriving and forming a mutual relationship with the rose rhizosphere. These fungal is believed to help transport nutrients to the roots for nutrient uptake.

I captured this photo of a bug on my hydrangae. I believe it is a benefitial insect.

I noticed saps coming from the main stem of my ground cover rose. Initially I thought it was infected with some strange disease. But later learned that it is a natural way to resist pest and disease.

These are some of the strange things that happened this week.

Have a Blessed Christmas!!!

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