Monday, March 2, 2009

Dealing with Spider Mites Infestations - Part 2

by Richard Chew

This is continuation of my posting on dealing with spider mites infestation. I thought my readers may want to know what happened to my "The Prince" rose.

This is Day 12 since I first detected spider mites and no recurrence since I last jet spray 7 days ago.

The following are some pictures.

The picture above is the whole plant. You will notice the older leaves are badly damaged by the direct hot sun. And it may invite spider mites if hot and dry conditions prevail. It is best to place it totaly shielded from direct sun. Another reason is because this rose is not sun tolerant type.

This is the result and outcome of after I posted part 1. Once the older leaves drop, new ones will grow.

The following pictures are new shoots and growth.

I got a surprise, when I discovered a garlic shoot (chive). It wasn't my intention to plant it. One of the bulb must have germinated. It is suppose to act as a mite repellant.

From this experience, it does make a lot of difference, if we make the little change to accomodate the rose plant growing condition.

Like I said earlier, need to monitor till at least for 30 days to be assured that the mites are 100% gone for good.

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