Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009 Bloom - Part 2 of 2

by Richard Chew

This is continuation of February Bloom Part 1.

My Summer Snow is showing better bloom formation since it recovered from chlorosis.

And my Portmeiron Rose is starting its usual business again. It had been very quiet during the raining season.

The picture below is my miniature Orange collection.

This my second attempt to grow this Pink Tropical rose. The first bloom , the flower looked sparse.

The following bloom was a lot better. I suppose this has to do with the way I fertilized the soil. I noticed it has quite a strong sweet scent. I was quite surprised.

This is the most fragrant miniature that I come across.

I don't have the name yet. At this moment we call it Baby Pink, because of its soft Pink colour and strong sweet fragrance.

The Baby Pink rose flower is quite long lasting. The flower below is close to 2 weeks.

Lastly a little glimpse of my rose garden.

The picture below was taken from same location but with a little height elevation.

Still a very young garden. Hopefully by March I get to post a more bushier rose garden.

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